Tonight – Non-Fiction Robots on the TV

As I mentioned last Monday, tonight the ABC network (US) will air “ – Science is Rock and Roll.”  The program focuses on the most recent FIRST championship.  Only an hour (including commercials), the special is chock-a-block with celebrity appearances (10 mentioned in this promo, and a full dozen on the show website), so I’m not sure how much student robotics content there will be.  The Science Cheerleader is more optimistic about the collaboration, especially with the video she links to on her site.  As it happens, I’m down on the special rather than the partnership.  I just don’t see a lot of science content coming in an hour-long program that is also night of a dozen stars.  But if and the others appearing tonight keep mentioning FIRST, all’s the better.

ABC may make the video of this program available later in the week (probably only in the U.S., but I may be wrong).

Still, I have to wonder if The Science Channel’s Killer Robots (occasionally with MythBuster Grant Imahara) couldn’t draw comparable numbers if on a broadcast network.


One thought on “Tonight – Non-Fiction Robots on the TV

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