Government Report Open Access Bill Returns to Congress

Not that it will get anywhere in the currently ultra-productive Congress</sarcasm>, but an open access bill focused on executive branch reports to Congress has been re-introduced.  Once again called the Government Access to Reports Act, the Senate and House versions appear identical to each other, and bear only slight changes from the version in the 111th Congress.  The Public Printer would be required to set up a publicly accessible web site to host reports covered by the act.  The site must be searchable, and can contain other reports besides those covered under the law.

Unfortunately, the bill still suffers from the same flaw that its predecessor.  It only targets those reports required to be submitted to Congress.  As I noted when the preceding bill was introduced, this would keep Congressional Research Service reports out of public access.  As these reports can help Congress work through legislative issues, I think they should be made available to the public.