Bill Foster Wants to Restore Congressional Physics Caucus to Former Glory

According to Science magazine (link is to the summary, since the full article is behind a paywall), former Illinois Representative Bill Foster has placed his plans for a science-oriented PAC on ‘indefinite hold.’

It only takes a little digging to figure out why.  Foster aims to strike the former from his title.  Had I noticed his campaign announcement back in May, I’d have made the assumption that he couldn’t put together a campaign and a broader-interest PAC at the same time.

Now, the notion of an Albert’s List (Foster’s idea for a name) is certainly worth exploring, and I’d suggest that if someone else wanted to run with this idea while Foster runs for Congress again, I doubt Foster would object.  Personally, I think this would be a much more productive pursuit for the folks at ScienceDebate than their persistent tilting at science debate windmills.

As for Foster, it will be nearly 18 months before he will either be able to think about starting the PAC, or looking forward to his next full term in the House having doubled the strength of the Congressional Physics Caucus (assuming Representative Holt returns for the 113th Congress).