New Releases from Pielke and Brinkman – Check Them Out

A quick update or two to close out the weekend.

The fellow most responsible for my entering the wide world of blogging, Roger Pielke, Jr., has decided to start a second blog.  The Least Thing focuses on society and sport, so I understand why he felt a separate venture makes sense.  Those looking for analysis of the two sports currently on lockout in the U.S. best look elsewhere, at least for now.  There’s little chance of any overlap between more traditional sports blogs and The Least Thing (though Grantland might be interested…), so consider yourself warned.

While Baba Brinkman continues to sell out shows in New York City with his off-Broadway show, his series of videos from The Rap Guide to Evolution continues to trickle out.  The latest release is Natural Selection, and you can visit the version with annotated lyrics at the U.K. Rap Guide website.  (The U.S. Rap Guide website focuses on the show.)  If you can’t wait to see Foucault, Darwin, God and Palin as breakers, just watch after the jump.

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