Biophilia – Not Just an E.O. Wilson Book Anymore

Per New Scientist, Icelandic singer/songwriter Björk recently previewed her forthcoming album Biophilia in the U.K.  The album, currently slated for release in September, engages with several scientific topics, and uses musical instruments built specifically for the songs.  That said, reviews from both New Scientist and The Guardian (U.K.) suggest Björk remains at her usual place just outside the cutting edge of current music.

The album release (if it’s accurate to really consider Biophilia just an album) is supposed to come with apps, or possibly be a series of apps (the artist has little specific that I could find on her website).  As it’s hard to make some kind of sense of this project absent seeing one of the shows (there are a series of events planned), I have to rely on what reviews I’ve seen so far.  They suggest that Björk is not even thinking of encroaching on Baba Brinkman or They Might Be Giants science music turf anytime soon.  While she shares their enthusiasm for science, expressing that enthusiasm, rather than explaining the concepts underneath it, seems to be the main science emphasis of the work.

2 thoughts on “Biophilia – Not Just an E.O. Wilson Book Anymore

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