Death Penalty Drug Talk in the Comics?

Yep.  Though many of you probably haven’t heard of the comic (even if you still read newspapers).  Barney and Clyde has taken it’s first serious tumble at a current event, and the strip opted for a relatively obscure one involving death penalty drugs.

Barney and Clyde, June 29, 2011

This isn't in your editorial pages

The current story in Barney and Clyde concerns sodium thiopental, and whether or not Barney’s company (he’s the CEO) will manufacture the drug – specifically for purposes of execution.  Regular readers will be familiar with the shortage of sodium thiopental and the consequences of that shortage on state executions.  As of today (June 30), there have been just two strips on this subject, so I don’t know if it will really explore the specifics of execution drugs, or go for a more character-specific exploration of what Barney will or will not due to benefit his company.

(as an aside, should you enjoy Barney and Clyde, and don’t have it in your local paper, bug your paper and the Washington Post Writers Group about it).


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