Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of April 4

First, a schedule note: CBS programs (Letterman and Ferguson) will be delayed tonight, Thursday and Friday for basketball and golf.  Letterman will be in repeats those evenings.

There are a fair number of naturalist-related guests on Wednesday.  Timothy Allen (no, younger and British than the voice of Buzz Lightyear) will visit with Carson Daly on Wednesday.  He’s promoting the U.S. premiere of Human Planet, a BBC/Discovery co-production that wants to do for anthropology what it did for biology and ecology with Planet Earth.  Earlier that evening biologist and TV host Jeremy Wade will sit with Conan and talk about “River Monsters,” an Animal Planet program about ‘extreme’ fish.  There will also be a dinosaur expert on Ellen on Wednesday.  The angle for his visit is that he’s seven years old.

Aside from those folks, there are other science and technology guests.  Noted sapce historian Andrew Chaikin will sit with Stephen Colbert.  I suspect this will be to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the start of humans in outer space, which is April 12.  It will also be the thirtieth anniversary of the first Space Shuttle mission.  The only other guest of note (barely) is Sir David Tang, who has established a website for celebrities to post their rebuttals to common misperceptions about them.  This plays into Colbert’s semi-obsession with Wikipedia, so it might be a technical/philosophical discussion about the medium of the web.