Recycled Island Getting Off the Drawing Board

In an effort to actually do something about the accumulations of plastic in the oceans, a Dutch architecture firm has announced it is preparing a prototype of what it’s calling Recycled Island (H/T .  As I downplayed the seriousness of the effort when the plan was first announced, pardon me while I eat a bit of crow…

The prototype would be a self-sufficient floating single family home, plus a lot that would contain resources for agriculture, aquaculture, and energy generation.

Recycled Island prototype

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WHIM Architects is still looking for collaborators and funding, but they do want to prepare the prototype for completion in the near future, after further refinement of the prototype.

Should this project go forward to full scale development, the developers think they could create an island the size of the main island of Hawaii.  Their intent is for habitation, but I can’t believe someone won’t try for a tourist-style island (likely accessible only by seaplane or boat) should this be viable at any substantial scale.  Richard Branson strikes me as sufficiently adventurous to at least think about it.