Digging Into Data Is Back For More

…digging and data.

The Digging Into Data Challenge is now open for Round Two.  First run in 2009, the challenge is an international competition sponsored in the U.S. by the National Science Foundation.  The basic idea is to support efforts in using large data sets in social science and humanities contexts.  The main goals of the effort (per the request for proposals) are:

  • to promote the development and deployment of innovative research techniques in large-scale data analysis that focus on applications for the humanities and social sciences;
  • to foster interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers in the humanities, social sciences, computer sciences, library, archive, information sciences, and other fields, around questions of text and data analysis;
  • to promote international collaboration among both researchers and funders; and
  • to ensure efficient access to and sharing of the materials for research by working with data repositories that hold large digital collections.

The previous awardees are busy working on using computer technology and large data sets to make more robust research resources; diving deep into linguistic and musical information; and enriching historical understanding by conducting brute force calculations and comparisons not possible until recently.  They are also working on new tools for presenting research in a fundamentally different fashion.  Hopefully those seeking funding in this cycle will be at least as productive.  Final proposals are due June 16.


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