Geek Pop 2011 Just Around the Corner

Geek Pop is a U.K. online music festival focusing on works inspired by science.  The 2011 edition will start on Friday 11 March.  However, an in person launch party is taking place on the 10th, and for all three of my U.K. readers (a guess, possibly underestimated), you should consider checking it out.  If you can’t wait for Friday, you can check out performances from the last three Geek Pop festivals online.

To get a sense of the kind of music at this year’s festival, you can check out the Geek Pop Mini-Album which is available for download and physical copy.  Short excerpts from the six tracks are currently available via Bandcamp.  While this marks Geek Pop’s first album, they run a monthly podcast, and have supported songs like this Baba Brinkman ditty.