Saturday Science Songs – Gaga & The Lyrical Engineer

Courtesy of some of my regular Internet stops are a couple of science-themed tunes.  First, another Lady Gaga song gets a Weird Al treatment.  This time it’s “Bad Romance” turned into “Bad Project” by a research team at Baylor College School of Medicine (H/T Frogheart).  Ph.D. holders and current grad students will likely get the most out of this video.

Our other entry today is Only Won, an engineer who followed the Scott Adams path to his other pursuit – Hip-Hop Artist.  What recently burned the YouTube charts (and Science Cheerleader’s Twitter feed) is his take on “I Wanna Be a Millionaire” – “I Wanna Be an Engineer”

Only Won is the nom de rap of Baldwin Chiu, a mechanical engineer who graduated from Sacramento State.  The Lyrical Engineer is the title of the following track and Only Won’s album.  (Note: Dawkins fans may not care for some of Only Won’s music, but I recommend the beatboxing you can find on his YouTube channel)

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