Lady Ga(31) Brings Us “Chromosome”

For reasons that only those who understand viral videos might explain, a science music video finally went large over 3 months after being posted to YouTube.  Lady Gallium (atomic number 31) offers “Chromosome” (H/T Science Friday’s Talking Science) which takes Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” and adds her own lyrics.

Josephine Coburn, a freshman at Berkeley, put together the project and directed the video.  Contrary to what many have assumed, Coburn is not on camera (at least credited).  That takes nothing away from the work, which I consider of a kind with Tom McFadden, just in a different genre.  Hopefully if her muse is still with her, we will get to see more from Coburn in the future.


Late Update for Late Night Science and Technology Guests

A late addition to the guest list for The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  Jean-Michel Cousteau (yeah, related to Jacque Cousteau, and also an ocean explorer) will return to the show on Thursday.  He is the President and Chair of Ocean Futures Initiative, a marine conservation and educational foundation.