Appeal, Feedback, Revision – Boost Brinkman or Bust

I made a second argument for supporting Baba Brinkman’s project to make his Rap Guide to Evolution DVD project more awesome last week (read my first here).  But since Brinkman is making a big push for the final two weeks of the Crowdfunder challenge, I’m going to go to the well again.  There’s been 15 new funders in the last few hours, but there’s still over 1500 pounds to go.

I’ve put in my contribution (I’m even hassling people about it on Twitter), and I think it’s worth it for you to spend your money too.  Heck, if you’ve ever been crazy enough to think about supporting this blog in some financial way, send it to this project.  The songs are already being used in some schools, but a real strong audiovisual presence will be even more powerful.  Like David Sloan Wilson says in the promotional video, an hour of Baba is worth a dozen lectures.

The DVD is being produced, and the videos for the songs (which you can hear online for free, and download for naming your price) have been filmed.  The Crowdfunder drive is to get 10,000 pounds to make the DVD better.  As Baba describes it:

“The additional funding from Crowdfunder will allow us to produce original animation and digital effects and license high-quality nature footage from the BBC, to make the vision of each video really come to life.

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