Making Tech From Salvage – Good TV?

Tonight will be the pilot of Stuck with Hackett on The Science Channel (10 p.m. Eastern).  The program follows Chris Hackett, director of the Madagascar Institute,  a workshop for large functional art projects.  The show has him engineering his way out of odd situations, a scenario the Science Channel is calling MacGyver meets Survivorman.  (Survivorman could hold his own with MacGyver, IMO, so I’m not keen on the tag line.)

It’s not clear whether the Science Channel plans to pick up the show (there’s no real estate set aside for it on the website) and is just filling a broadcast hole with the pilot, or if this is an honest-to-goodness on-air tryout.  I like the idea of using one’s surroundings to make technology, and Hackett is heavily involved in Maker Faire, a program that supports do-it-yourself stuff like what Hackett will do on the show.  But I can’t get that excited about a program that might air on a channel that is a farm team for Discovery.

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