Remember That National Advisory Council on Innovation?

Sadly, the recently formed National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship had slipped my mind.  Part of it has to do with the relatively small amount of publicity it’s received and the online presence it doesn’t have.  All that aside, the Council has held two meetings in the last six weeks; one today by phone and one in Washington on September 2.

All I’ve been able to scrape up about the meetings are the Federal Register notices (September 2, October 12), an agenda and blog post from the September 2 meeting, and video from co-chair Steve Case about the Council…on the Case Foundation website!  A review of what official information is available suggests the first two meetings have been focused on information gathering and general discussion about innovation.  Perhaps that is why only written public comments were taken for both meetings.

I will try and do better to track the activities of this Council.  But given the dearth of material from its first meeting, I’m not sure that will be an easy thing to do.