Another Science/Hollywood Partnership – This Time With Opie!

The World’s Fair pointed me to this February announcement of a University of Southern California/National Science Foundation partnership called the Creative Science Studio.  It will start this fall at USC, where its School of Cinematic Arts makes heavy use of its proximity to Hollywood, and builds on its history of other projects that use science, technology and entertainment in other areas of research.

The studio will not only help studios improve the depiction of science in the products of their students, faculty and alumni (much like the Science and Entertainment Exchange), but help scientists create entertaining outreach products.  In addition, science and engineering topics will be incorporated into the School’s curriculum and be supported in faculty research.

Here’s a promotional video for the project released earlier this year:

As Ron Howard noted at the rollout of the Creative Science Studio at this year’s AAAS meeting, he’s not always engaged in science-oriented films, so the more consistent output from this partnership is likely from its outreach, research and education projects.


One thought on “Another Science/Hollywood Partnership – This Time With Opie!

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