Two Other Website Revisions of Note

Two websites I review regularly have updated their websites, with an immediate effect of making them more readable and searchable.  Both organizations are in my blogroll.

Scientists and Engineers for America (SEA or SEFORA) has done the most notable redesign, perhaps in connection with the merger the organization is making with Americans for Energy Leadership.  You can now access organization resources and other non-news information much easier than before.  Hopefully they’ll fix the bad link to older news soon.

The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a ridiculously productive/prolific think tank writing on innovation and technology (not just IT, but mostly IT), has revamped its website to make more of its products easily accessible from their website.  They still have this annoying habit of trying to separate policies about the use of technologies from non-technological concerns (informed by values in many cases) about the use of those technologies.  It’s the technology equivalent of letting the science decide the policy (rather than inform it) and the politics and associated values are irrelevant.  I find this line of argument more annoying than the science version because it seems a lot more obvious that technology embodies particular values, even if it’s design choices.

All that said, ITIF still does good work, when not picking academic fights.


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