Agencies Looking for Input on Open Government Plans

The next major deadline in the Open Government Initiative comes up in early April, when the agencies subject to the Open Government Directive must release their Open Government Plans.  Agencies will be accepting input from the public until March 19.  Consult the Open Government Directive (the attachment) for more information on what the government wants in these Open Government Plans, which are supposed to focus on Transparency, Participation, and Collaboration.  In addition, there must be both agency and public involvement in the development of the plan, hence the solicitation of input.

Over 30 government agencies (Cabinet Departments and independent/non-Cabinet agencies) must prepare plans.  You can check this White House blog post to find links for comment.  To look at the agencies’ open government webpages, just add /open to the end of their main URL (like, and you should go right to it.  For science and technology agencies like DARPA or the National Institutes of Health, go to the relevant Cabinet department (Defense and Health and Human Services, respectively) to submit your feedback.  You have a little over two weeks.

Whet Your Appetite for the Next PCAST Meeting

The President’s Council of Adviser’s on Science and Technology (PCAST) will meet again on March 12.  According to the tentative agenda, the meeting will cover food security with officials from the State Department and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.  The National Nanotechnology Initiative is also on the agenda, as the Council will review its program report.

Registration is encouraged, if not required, for these meetings.  The March 12 meeting takes place at the National Academy of Sciences Building near the State Department in Washington.