Conan O’Brien – Friend of Science and Technology

You may have noticed (scroll down the left hand side) I’m part of Team Coco, having watched all seven months of Conan O’Brien’s tenure as host of The Tonight Show.  While Letterman has his kid scientists, and Craig Ferguson digs the Mythbusters, O’Brien has done some bits with Intel, both at 12:35 and 11:35.  The Intel section on The Tonight Show website is only giving me the audio, so I’ll point people to the Intel channel on YouTube, where they can see O’Brien interview Intel Chairman Craig Barrett, or recommend that they search for Conan Intel on the site.  Here’s a visit to the company from May 2007, which includes some fun in the clean room and the company museum:

Yeah, the Intel relationship was an odd variant on product placement, but it is nice to see science and technology on an entertainment program, and it stinks to have one less outlet for it.


One thought on “Conan O’Brien – Friend of Science and Technology

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