Want to See the White House Website? Now There’s an App for That!

Apparently jealous of all the legislative branch smartphone apps, the White House is joining the fray.  You can now download a free application for your iPhone or iPod to watch White House streaming video, follow the White House blog, or other press statements.  The app will be followed up with the launch of mobile.Whitehouse.gov.

While I’m sure there are some lemmings who download smartphone apps just to download apps, I’m not sure this is anything more than a version of the White House website optimized for the small screen of a mobile phone.  That certainly seems to be what the mobile website will be.  It does make me wonder why it took so long, since the website has been around for a year.


Creation Sneaking in to U.S. Cinemas This Friday

I’d have said something about this by Friday, when Creation, the film adaptation of Annie’s Box, a story of how Charles Darwin struggled with the death of his daughter, his faith, and his work, will premiere in the U.S. (limited release, check your local theater listings).  However, the star of the film, Paul Bettany, appeared on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien last night, and made no mention of the film. O’Brien certainly has much on his mind, but it wouldn’t have taken much for Bettany to make a mention of it.  Clearly there’s not much of a promotions budget attached to the film.

Granted, Bettany is also appearing in another film being released on Friday.  But that film, Legion, has at least taken out commercials and ad space.  If you didn’t see Jennifer Connelly’s appearance on The Late Show last week, you might have no idea about Creation, or that it was coming out on Friday.  It is opening in all of five cities, so distributor Newmarket Films may just be trying to get their money back on the cheap.  According to them, the following theaters will be screening the film (most in the Landmark theater chain):

  • Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema, 143 EAST HOUSTON STREET NEW YORK, NY
  • Regal’s Westpark 8 3735 ALTON PARKWAY, IRVINE, CA
  • Landmark’s Kendall Square ONE KENDALL SQUARE BLDG., Suite 1900, CAMBRIDGE, MA
  • Landmark’s E Street Cinema 555 11TH STREET NW, WASHINGTON, DC
  • Landmark’s Shattuck 2230 SHATTUCK AVE. BERKELEY, CA 94704

I don’t know if there’s a plan to roll the film out to other cities, so if you’re inclined to see this in a theater, your options may be very limited.