Whiz Kids – The Science Fair Gets the Documentary Treatment

Thanks to my day job, I found out about a screening in Washington next week of the documentary Whiz Kids.  It’s not attracted a lot of attention during its travels to various film festivals and other screenings.  It tracks three students as they conduct their research and present it at science fairs, leading up to the Intel Science Talent Search.  I have not seen the film, but I appreciate any effort to try and present the different backgrounds, tensions and concerns that create any scientist.  The December 9 screening in Washington is the only one currently remaining on their schedule, though I think interested groups could manage to have a screening at their institution by contacting the filmmakers.  A DVD is also available.

I have no idea what Intel thinks of the film, but given the subject matter, and Intel’s work with Conan O’Brien, perhaps some national exposure could be arranged?


Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of November 30

Some shows are back from repeats, some shows are off this week after Thanksgiving.  Amongst the repeats is an appearance of kid scientists Wednesday night on The Late Show. The new episodes this week don’t have scientists or technologists to speak of.  However, noted anti-vaccination activist Jenny McCarthy will be on The Tonight Show Wednesday, but it’s probably to promote her upcoming TV movie.  Additionally, Michael Specter, the author of Denialism, will appear on The Daily Show Thursday.  His book looks at the conflicts between science and irrational thinking about science.

As always, check those local listings for times and channels.