Massive Science Song Video Dump for Here Comes Science

Earlier this week They Might Be Giants added several new videos to their YouTube channel.  Joining “Electric Car,” “Science is Real,” and “I am a Paleontologist” (all from the new TMBG album Here Comes Science that I’ve been plugging since July) are “Computer Assisted Design,” “Why Does the Sun Shine?“, “Why Does the Sun Really Shine?“, “Put it to the Test,” “How Many Planets?” (TMBG and Neil deGrasse Tyson are in agreement over Pluto), and “Roy G Biv.”  Those wondering if all the video releases will undercut sales should know that there are 19 tracks on Here Comes Science.

There’s really too many clips to embed them all here.  My favorite is probably the 8-bit goodness of “Put it to the Test” which I’ve embedded here.  Click the links above to catch the other videos.  Update 1/25/10 – the band replaced the video with a higher quality version which I’ve substituted below.  My apologies for the temporarily broken linkage.


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