Augustine Committee Report Goes to the Hill

The relevant House and Senate committees (Science and Technology and Commerce, Science and Transportation, respectively) have called hearings this week on the Augustine Committee’s work.  Norm Augustine is scheduled to appear before both committees.  The current NASA Administrator, Charles Bolden, is scheduled to appear at the Senate hearing, and the immediate past NASA Administrator, Michael Griffin, is scheduled to appear at the House hearing.  For what it’s worth, Griffin was responsible for implementing the current exploration plans.  These plans were heavily criticized by the committee, and Griffin hasn’t taken it lying down, writing a memo to the committee strongly defending the current strategy.  Fireworks between Griffin and Augustine are unlikely, as they will appear on separate panels.


Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of September 14

Apparently it is no longer acceptable for all the late night shows to have new episodes at the same time.  The Comedy Central shows are back, and will likely be busy catching up on the three weeks they’ve been off.  This week the CBS shows will take off.

No science and technology guests of note, unless the currently empty Thursday night Daily Show slot is filled by one.  This includes the sort-of new kid on the block, The Jay Leno Show.  Given Mr. Leno’s love of the stupid, I don’t expect his show to have a lot of entries here.

Alternate choice?  NOVA’s scienceNOW may be done for the season, but NOVA has a special on arctic dinosaurs scheduled for Tuesday.  Check those local listings.